What is a Vibe?

So, just what is a vibe?

We hear this word a lot, particularly when discussing the Law of Attraction.

The word vibe is often used to describe a mood or feeling. For example, someone might say “I’m getting a bad vibe from that person” or they might say “My office has a good vibe”. Simply put, a vibe is just a mood or feeling.

The word vibe comes from the longer word vibration and there are only two kinds of vibrations, either negative or positive. Since we are always experiencing a mood or a feeling, we are always emitting a vibe. Depending on our mood or feeling, that vibe will either be positive or negative.

Why is that important? Because the Law of Attraction has one job and one job only. Its job is to “match vibration”.

The universal energy of the Law of Attraction is around us at every moment, therefore, if you are experiencing a negative vibe, the Law of Attraction will match it and bring you more of the same.

In fact, the very definition of the Law of Attraction is: I attract to my life and business, whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether negative or positive.

What mood or feeling are you experiencing about your life or business, and what are you giving your attention to?

Mind your Vibe !

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