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I would like to personally welcome you to ShelleyEssery.com. I am honoured and grateful you’re here.

I have developed this space to share my knowledge and serve as my virtual creative home. It is a safe place for exploring new opportunities in business and personal growth and is a place for collaboration and empowerment for all who arrive here.

My objective is to help my fellow entrepreneurs and dream builders shift from an ordinary life to an extraordinary one. My philosophy that success comes through personal growth is at the centre of my own achievements in business and life and is the motivation, purpose, and love behind my book “Life Revived – The Business of Living Life” and ShelleyEssery.com. Finding the courage to get uncomfortable and work on my own personal growth is what delivered me the confidence I desperately needed to act on chasing my dreams. That confidence is how I accomplished my lifelong dream to become an Author and an Entrepreneur, roles that have led me to grow even further as a Certified Professional Life Coach and Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator.

When I began my entrepreneurial journey and shift into my new life, finding the information I needed and getting answers to my never-ending questions was half the battle. Having a trusted resource or place of inspiration and encouragement would have saved me a tremendous amount of time and energy.

Whether you are starting over or starting something new, if you have a committed desire to live an inspired life and pursue your dreams, I am here to help. I believe success is available to us all and the secret is in finding the courage to embrace what makes us exceptional and being vulnerable enough to share it.

My desire to support others is a passion and a privilege. Please join me and the Shelley Essery Community, as together we can achieve so much more. I believe there is a reason you were guided to connect with this community, and I look forward to discovering and sharing more together.

Together in Success,

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