The Road Less Travelled

Cheers to taking roads less travelled, the people you meet along the way, and the things you create together!

As a serial entrepreneur, I often get asked how I manage my time. It’s a fair question and the truth is, sometimes not well, but the real secret is that I’m not in business alone. I have amazing and supportive business partners in all my ventures. Teamwork makes the dream work. All my businesses connect so beautifully to each other, and I am now finally able to see there was always a bigger plan in place.

When my husband and I launched our first business 12 years ago, I quickly learned the best way to level up was to surround myself with the right people. This was incredibly helpful since we weren’t businesspeople and had never planned on becoming entrepreneurs. When my husband lost his job due to plant closure 7 years before retirement and with 2 kids heading into post-secondary education, we threw all our cards in the air and launched Revived Interiors, after all, what could go wrong with that plan!

We currently specialize in kitchen cabinet painting offering a budget friendly solution to upgrade kitchen cabinets while saving money and the landfill from construction waste. All work is done by my husband and son while I work in business development and client care, so it is truly a family for family business, and has led us to our subsidiary, For Love Engraving.

Initially launched to offer laser engraving services to create custom home decor that tells a story, shares a passion and showcases our clients’ personal style to make their living space uniquely theirs, has since led us to include memorial engraving as part of our services – and this service holds a special place in our hearts. So much so, that we are looking forward to putting more focus on how we can help honour the special relationships we hold with the people and pets we have loved and lost.

Entering the memorial industry led me to a chance meeting and my new venture, serendipitously bringing me full circle.

My formal background is in legal administration with experience in Wills & Estates, so I have seen first-hand the confusion, chaos and heartbreak that families experience when a loved one passes. I have seen death pull families apart when they need each other most. In grief, emotions run high and while everyone is doing their best to honour the deceased, not everyone will agree or remember their loved one in the same way. Disagreements arise when there isn’t a clear record of a loved one’s wishes. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have your affairs in order and to clearly communicate your wishes to your family. When you plan for end of life, you empower those you leave behind. Even in death, you can be a source of support, comfort and peace to your family. It truly is your final act of love for those you love most.

When For Love Engraving expanded into the memorial market, it led me directly, wholeheartedly and passionately into my new venture, The Empowered Estate. I am so grateful that a chance meeting brought me to Karla Kerr, funeral director and death doula. As a funeral director, Karla has also witnessed the same confusion, chaos and heartbreak that families experience when a death occurs. Both Karla and I know that when someone plans for end of life and clearly communicates their wishes, it makes a huge difference for their families. The peace of mind and comfort a family finds in knowing how to proceed during their grief is invaluable.

Together Karla and I created a comprehensive estate organizer and end of life planner that not only supports the executor to administer an estate with ease, but it also contains a legacy section making it a beautiful keepsake for the family, (especially when you have the leatherette cover custom engraved). Our all-in-one organizer and planner developed and created as a joint venture, based entirely on our individual skillsets and our personal experience with families experiencing a death is delivered in connection with a workshop to guide you through the process and answer all your questions. We offer accountability parties to keep you on track, making sure the work gets done, and offer a deeper dive into the many topics around planning for end of life. I am so grateful that my entrepreneurial journey has led me here.

It’s so interesting and deeply satisfying to me that my college career choice has now come full circle, leading me to this beautiful opportunity in such a unique way. I am proof that there is a reason things happen when and how they do, and that we are always being guided for our higher good.

Never doubt your path, even when you don’t understand it – and please, please complete your end-of-life planning – for your family! If you need help getting started, you know who to call!

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The Road Less Travelled

Cheers to taking roads less travelled, the people you meet along the way, and the things you create together! As a serial entrepreneur, I often

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