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The Empowered Estate is your personal haven for support and guidance with estate and end-of-life organizing and planning. It is a safe space where families can find support and guidance through this meaningful journey.

Estate organizing and planning is not just about paperwork; it’s a heartfelt act of love for those you leave behind. It’s a gift that keeps giving even when you’re not around. With The Empowered Estate, you’re not signing up for a service; you’re gaining cheerleaders committed to understanding your needs, helping you create a personalized plan and connecting you to the right resources to bring everything together for peace of mind for yourself and those you leave behind.

My esteemed business partner, Karla Kerr, and I have poured our hearts into this collaboration bringing a unique blend of expertise to the table. I come with a background as a Wills & Estate Legal Administrator, while Karla brings her wealth of experience as a Funeral Director and Death Doula. Together, we’re your dream team for holistic estate and end-of-life planning and organizing. We are here to make the journey smooth, stress-free, and dare I say, a bit fun!

Being proactive in estate planning is an invaluable gift to your family—offering them peace of mind and stability during challenging times.

Reach out to The Empowered Estate today and let us help you get started on your estate and end-of-life planning and organizing journey. We offer fun and engaging interactive workshops, or if you prefer, our estate and end-of-life planning and organizing kit can be purchased separately with options to personalize.

Whether you want to chat with me or the fabulous Karla, we’re all ears and ready to kickstart your estate and end-of-life planning. Your legacy is special, and we’re here to help you leave a mark that lasts.

Let’s make your journey towards an empowered estate an adventure filled with warmth, care, and a dash of fun!

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