Tara Kinden – The Secret to My Success

Tara Kinden is Founder and CEO of Worth Camp™ and host of The Worthy Woman Collective podcast, where she expertly guides women back to their worth and empowers them to step into greatness. Her secret to success is so powerful and an honour to share.

What is the secret to your success story?

Never Quitting! Never giving up, and always trusting that even when something doesn’t work out the way I visualized it working out, it only means something better is coming around the corner. I never want to make the mistake of quitting too soon. I always stay with an idea long enough to make sure I’ve given it a full chance before deciding to move on.

How did that secret help you achieve your goals?

When I created the Van Jam experience and wrote my book which launched The Soul Flow, I had no idea how I was going to get a van and have it outfitted to promote the project. I just had the faith and the trust that it was going to work out. I believed in myself and even though I didn’t know how this venture was going to work out, I knew that it would.  I just believed in the project. That’s when Lululemon came through with lots of support for the project and then the dealership came through with an amazing deal on a van that I couldn’t say no to. I genuinely believe that when you know in your heart that this is the thing you really want to do, you need to have confidence that it’s possible. You need to keep doing the little things in the background and have faith that the things you don’t know how to do, will somehow make themselves known to you. It might be that you get introduced to the right person, someone who can help you move to the next level. Always hold an unwavering faith in yourself and your ability to attract the answer, especially when you don’t have the answer yourself.

What advice would you like to share with the Shelley Essery Community?  

You don’t need to know the whole process, you literally only need to know the next step. Work on the big visioneering and become the creatrix of your dream, but know that there needs to be a daily action towards that goal. Once you create the big vision, you need to take daily steps to keep moving towards that big goal. Your actions speak louder than words! Trust that your worthy enough to go after whatever your dream is because you are a once in a lifetime cosmic event. There will be no one like you duplicated ever in your lifetime. Nobody else has your gifts, talents, education, skills and experience –  all the things you bring to this earthly life. You have a responsibility to show up fully as yourself so that you can experience everything this life has to offer you. After all, the worse that can happen is whatever you’re trying to do, doesn’t work out the way you want it to. That only means something better is on the horizon, but you’ll never know that if you don’t try. My best advice would be to do whatever your heart wants you to do and don’t worry about how it’s going to turn out, just take the next step. Take the next best action you can, and watch what happens.

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