Business Support

To help alleviate the occasional overwhelm of administrative tasks or client care concerns, I offer casual supplementary support in administration, customer service and training.

Administrative Support

With over 30 years experience in a fast paced environment as a legal administrator, I am able to provide qualified administrative and organizational support in a variety of areas of business management and administration.

I can help you set up and maintain a personalized office structure, improve correspondence and email management systems; provide tools for time management, create templates and forms, provide bookkeeping and budgeting support, and other administrative tasks.

Customer Service and Client Care

As a former retail manager and serial entrepreneur, I have a wealth of experience in client management and customer care. 

I can help you develop an effective customer journey process; show you proven techniques to attract and nurture repeat clients; help you create raving fans for your business; teach you how to handle unhappy or dissatisfied clients; or navigate difficult negotiations or conversations, including how to ask for money!


I combine my own experience and formal training in front desk support and retail sales with your unique client needs to provide customized training for front desk and sales team members.

Get the supplementary support you need so you can move forward in your business.

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