Linda Mackie – The Secret to My Success

Linda is a brand and lifestyle photographer, makeup artist, creative producer and vlog series host highlighting inspiring entrepreneurs and changemakers. Her journey as a visual artist began with a profound love for all living things, a passion for creative arts, and a lifelong desire to make an impact and inspire others to do the same. Linda helps her clients breathe life into their image through compelling, fashion-inspired, timeless photography that connects, inspires and makes a lasting impression.

What is the secret to your success story?

I believe the secret to my success is my quiet, sensitive nature, kindness and compassion and innate empathic ability to relate to my clients on an emotional level and truly see who they are,  and then be able to communicate that as authentically and accurately as possible in my photography. 

How did that secret help you achieve your goals?

I believe that secret really comes down to attracting the right clients for me so that I can enjoy and know that the work I am doing for them is fulfilling for both of us, achieves their goals and vision and that my daily life experience is joyful and meaningful.

What advice would you like to share with the Shelley Essery Community?  

I believe we are constantly being tested to stray from our true selves and life’s purpose and I am no exception. I have recently adopted a set of three rules to live by that I believe will help us to stay focused and true to ourselves and vision.

1. Own your own self-worth – if you don’t value yourself nobody else will

2. Stick to the facts – you will avoid drama and unnecessary emotional upset in your business and personal life, and

3.  Be transparent in your dealings – telling the truth and being up front and transparent from the start is very important in building trust and maintaining integrity. Nobody likes unwanted surprises!

Connect with Linda:

t: 250-588-0586

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