Learn How to Release Idle Energy from your Office Space!

Who’s ready for an end of summer challenge? Join me as I share my best practices to release idle energy in my office space and allow for increased flow and abundance. With the summer coming to an end, and the return of routines, now is the perfect time to prepare for increased productivity !

Step 1: Clear your desk of clutter. Remove old notes, extra pens, loose paper clips, dirty dishes and any other item that is not directly required for the task at hand. Next, clean out and organize desk drawers, making a note of any supplies that need to be replenished. Clutter and disorganization create mental “energy leaks”. Addressing these leaks will help create a calm space which leads to better productivity and more abundance!

Step 2: Now that your desk is clear, it’s time to tackle the rest of your space! We often become oblivious to our surroundings and don’t see how cluttered or dirty they’ve become. Look at your space as though it’s the first time you’re walking into it. How does it make you feel? Is there a pile of books on the floor you keep tripping over? Stains on the carpet? A hand-me-down chair that’s taking up space simply because there’s nowhere else to put it? Be prepared to let go of items that don’t add comfort or purpose to your office. Remove pieces that don’t reflect who you are, or your vision for your business. Sell or donate unwanted items and replace them with items that serve a purpose or align with who you are and where you’re headed. Remember also to give your space a deep clean. A clean space leads to a clean mind!

Step 3: Now that your space is clean and you’ve removed undesired objects and furniture, look at the overall flow of your office. For greater efficiency, you’ll want to make sure your office is streamlined for the type of work you do. Make sure office equipment you use in connection with each other, such as a computer and printer are close by and office supplies such as pens and notepads are well stocked and within reach. Consider what a normal day looks like in your business and use that as a guide when designing the layout of your space. Ideally, you want to ensure everything required for a specific task is within reach when engaged in that activity. Bonus Tip: for good feng shui your desk should be placed facing the door or entrance. Opportunities come through open doors so if your back is to the door, you are energetically blocking those opportunities.

Ste 4: Lighting! Poor lighting can negatively affect your energy throughout the day. It can also cause eye strain and headaches. If you are lucky enough to have a window in your office, make sure to take advantage of the natural light it provides. Wash your window and window coverings and keep the blinds or curtains open as much as possible. In the absence of natural light, replace your bulbs with ones that resemble regular daylight and use several light sources. Overhead lighting is most common, but consider adding task lighting such as a floor lamp beside a chair you use for reading or research or an adjustable desk lamp.

Step 5: Now that the practical steps for office functionality are complete, it’s important to add your personal stamp! To make the space feel more comfortable, add some air-purifying plants which can bring a calming effect to the space. If you enjoy a particular scent, add an essential-oil diffuser or candles. Include some personal items such as a photograph, inspiring quote, large wall hanging, vision board or other item that has special meaning for you. While you want to avoid clutter, it’s important to have a few items around to calm you on stressful days. Seeing personal mementos gives your brain a break from “work” and can help to refocus and reframe a challenging day.

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