Law of Attraction Myth Busters!

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining Expert, Michael Losier, on his Law of Attraction Myth Busting Series where we discussed the Myth: Law of Attraction Will Figure Out What is Best for Me.

Have you ever caught yourself saying “The Universe knows what’s best.”? Well, I am here to tell you that is simply not how it works!

Do you remember the definition for the Law of Attraction?

“I attract to my life or business whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to – whether positive or negative.”

And, what is the job description for the Law of Attraction? Hint, it is only two words.

Match Vibration”

No where in the above descriptions does it say anything about whether something is good or bad for you, so if you’re waiting for the Law of Attraction to figure out what’s best for you, you WILL BE disappointed.

What the Law of Attraction does do, is figure out HOW to bring you what you want.

Keep it Simple!

Your Job (Brain Required):

  1. Decide on what you want.
  2. Tell the Universe exactly what you want.
  3. Give that desire your attention, energy or focus.
  4. Wait for the Universe to deliver it to you.

Universe’s Job (No Brain Required):

  1. Match vibration
  2. Deliver more of the same.

Want to see the full episode? Watch HERE.

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