It’s not Personal, it’s Business!

“It’s not personal, it’s business.” Except, it is personal. As entrepreneurs, we make business decisions based on our life circumstances and personal set of values. Our business life and personal life are so interconnected, that every business decision must be weighed against our personal life circumstances to determine the pros and cons the outcome will have in both areas of our life. We make sacrifices of our personal time, health, and finances so our business can thrive; and then there are times we sacrifice business for our personal circumstances and well-being.

At all times, we must be able to look at the bigger picture to weigh risk v reward from all angles. Rarely, is there ever a clear answer. Every action brings a reaction that will inevitably cause us to take a hit somewhere.  The trick is in determining what we are willing or able to risk. Fellow entrepreneurs are the only people who truly understand these types of compromises and the agony experienced in making these decisions. To preserve mental wellbeing, it is vitally important to connect with other people in business who can understand and relate to our unique set of challenges.

As you consider your next business decision, it’s ok to admit that it IS personal. It’s ok to make a personal sacrifice you think will benefit the business, and it is also ok to make a business sacrifice for the benefit of your personal life. Being successful in business creates more opportunities in your personal life and having success in your personal life, gives you the confidence and courage needed to succeed in business. Your business life and personal life are inseparable; they work together to support you in your pursuit of happiness and only you know where your priority is with each decision.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I feel your pain. I see your heart in every choice you make. Choices that may look clear to the rest of the world, but for reasons they’ll never understand, are uniquely difficult for you, the entrepreneur.  I know you’re doing the best you can, and I want you to know that not every choice has to be what’s best for business, but every choice has to be what’s best for you. Always choose what feels most right for your bigger picture, knowing that your reasons only need to make sense to you. You never need to apologize, explain, or justify a decision that is in your best interest. Don’t be afraid to make it personal!

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