Tara Kinden – The Secret to My Success

Tara Kinden is Founder and CEO of Worth Camp™ and host of The Worthy Woman Collective podcast, where she expertly guides women back to their worth and empowers them to step into greatness. Her secret to success is so powerful and an honour to share. What is the secret to your success story? Never Quitting! Never giving […]

Linda Mackie – The Secret to My Success

Linda is a brand and lifestyle photographer, makeup artist, creative producer and vlog series host highlighting inspiring entrepreneurs and changemakers. Her journey as a visual artist began with a profound love for all living things, a passion for creative arts, and a lifelong desire to make an impact and inspire others to do the same. […]

Law of Attraction for Business

“You don’t always get what you want, but you get what you vibrate!” … Michael Losier What vibe are you experiencing around your business? Are you worried about finding the right clients?Are you worried about making enough money?Are you suffering from imposter syndrome? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re sending a […]

Teresa Syms – The Secret to My Success

  Teresa Syms is a Transformational Coach, Author and Podcast host who specializes in helping people understand work-life balance. She teaches strategies to eliminate stress and anxiety then helps to put those strategies in place to give you peace in life.  What is the secret to your success story? Getting down and dirty with myself.  Exploring my fears, […]

Law of Attraction Myth Busters!

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining Expert, Michael Losier, on his Law of Attraction Myth Busting Series where we discussed the Myth: Law of Attraction Will Figure Out What is Best for Me. Have you ever caught yourself saying “The Universe knows what’s best.”? Well, I am here to tell you that is simply […]

3 Words to Eliminate

The words we use have a powerful effect on the results (whether positive or negative) that we see in our life.I talk a lot about mindset because it’s such a dominant factor in success. Having a positive mindset makes all the difference, but what happens when we unintentionally sabotage that mindset?If I told you that […]

Developing a Growth Mindset

Some people feel like life is simply happening to them, like they are a victim to whatever might happen; while other people believe they are in control of their lives. Even when something happens to them that appears to come from the outside, they still see how they have power over the outcome. These people […]

Setting SMART Goals

Do you have a goal you’re striving to achieve but instead of making progress, you find yourself spinning your wheels? Here’s the SMART way to gain traction. Accomplishing any goal requires knowing 3 things and taking simple, yet powerful, steps to achieve them! 3 things you need to know! Desire: What do you really want? […]

What is a Vibe?

So, just what is a vibe? We hear this word a lot, particularly when discussing the Law of Attraction. The word vibe is often used to describe a mood or feeling. For example, someone might say “I’m getting a bad vibe from that person” or they might say “My office has a good vibe”. Simply […]

Law of Attraction – Start Here!

Are you like me? Someone who is predominately a positive person yet still seems to attract negative things into your life and can’t understand why. Before I knew how to properly apply the Law of Attraction, I spent hours creating vision boards and writing down my plans for all the awesome things I wanted to […]