How to Release Someone from your Energy Bubble!

How to release someone from your energy bubble.

Any experience that creates an emotional response affects our mindset. Strong emotions can alter our perspective and our actions. Understanding and working through difficult emotions when we are ready to move forward can help bring us back into a better feeling, more positive mindset. The experience of being “ghosted” is extremely hurtful. Being ostracized without […]

How to get Organized for Tax Season

Tax season can be a dreaded time of year for entrepreneurs. Most of us are not tax experts and rely heavily on professional advice – as we should!  To help simply the process and reduce stress, I use the below checklist as a guide to compile the necessary information required by my accountant. As each […]

It’s not Personal, it’s Business!

“It’s not personal, it’s business.” Except, it is personal. As entrepreneurs, we make business decisions based on our life circumstances and personal set of values. Our business life and personal life are so interconnected, that every business decision must be weighed against our personal life circumstances to determine the pros and cons the outcome will […]

Brenda Pearce – The Secret to My Success

Brenda Pearce empowers through “Media That Matters”. She is a best-selling contributing author, TV show Producer/Host, Radio Show Host, & Wellness Expert.  She believes “All Health IS Cell Health”.  Recently retired from 38 years of active front-line nursing, she now focuses on making lives better through integrative approaches to wellness.  She believes PEMF therapy should […]

Learn How to Release Idle Energy from your Office Space!

Who’s ready for an end of summer challenge? Join me as I share my best practices to release idle energy in my office space and allow for increased flow and abundance. With the summer coming to an end, and the return of routines, now is the perfect time to prepare for increased productivity ! Step […]

Carolyn Dickinson – The Secret to My Success

Carolyn is a Global Executive Coach, Professional Speaker, Trainer and Author. She helps organizations and individuals overcome obstacles, simplify and achieve their grandest visions and goals – one step at a time. With 20+ years’ experience in corporate and as a business owner, Carolyn is an expert at helping her clients achieve clarity and reaching […]

pursuit:365 – The Experience

The creators of pursuit:365 describe the book as follows: “pursuit: 365 is a book co-authored by 365 Canadian women who lead by example in the every-day pursuit of success, happiness, and achievement. This book showcases encouraging words of wisdom, motivating success stories, and inspiring initiatives to applaud. Women are drivers for progress and when we […]

Michael Losier – The Secret to My Success

Michael Losier is the best-selling author of the three books: Law of Attraction, Law of Connection, and Your Life’s Purpose. Law of Attraction has 3.5 million copies in 37 languages.  Michael caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey, who interviewed him four times on her Soul Series™ radio show.  He went on to host his own show on Oprah […]

Ian Barnett – The Secret to My Success

Ian is an engineer who shed his 9-5 handcuffs and broke out of his corporate prison to attain fulfillment in entrepreneurship as a financial services provider where he found his true calling in serving and educating others. What is the secret to your success story? The secret to my success story is discipline and work ethic. […]

Tara Kinden – The Secret to My Success

Tara Kinden is Founder and CEO of Worth Camp™ and host of The Worthy Woman Collective podcast, where she expertly guides women back to their worth and empowers them to step into greatness. Her secret to success is so powerful and an honour to share. What is the secret to your success story? Never Quitting! Never giving […]