Carolyn Dickinson – The Secret to My Success

Carolyn is a Global Executive Coach, Professional Speaker, Trainer and Author. She helps organizations and individuals overcome obstacles, simplify and achieve their grandest visions and goals – one step at a time.

With 20+ years’ experience in corporate and as a business owner, Carolyn is an expert at helping her clients achieve clarity and reaching their goals in half the time.

Success Story

In life we have many experiences both positive and negative they all make up who we are.   I have spent most of my life helping other people see their potential and reach their dreams in one way or another.   

As several of my clients have said to me, “you hear what I am not saying and believe in me and my dream”.  I have always been able to see the potential in the dreams of others.   

I continued helping others while growing my own businesses and realized how good I am at coaching others.  I decided to do something about it and created SuperMom Entrepreneur an online portal to help moms and women get the support they need to realize their true business potential.   Realizing I wanted to help more women and make a bigger impact I started I Am the Boss Conference, which ran for 5 years.  I was doing some coaching on the side but realized how much I loved it and I was really good at it.   I decided after the 5th conference to focus 100% on Coaching and Speaking.  

I went through many challenges in growing my business, especially being a full-time mom and caregiver to my parents. 
I became a full-time Executive coach and speaker over 7 years ago and I have never looked back.  I realized that business is not easy, but we tend to make it harder than it needs to be.   Going through all of my own struggles I developed a step by step system to help people grow 

What is the secret to your success story?

Believing that things will always work out just not always the way I may have expected it. Realizing that clarity and direction are key for success.  Creating a clear vision of what I wanted to build and achieve.   Then coming back to where I am and laying out the plan and action steps that would move me forward.  I realized that the key is not being attached to your vision or plan and realizing things will change as you and your business grow.   Staying in alignment with my vision by reviewing our growth every 90 days and making the changes needed to continue growing.

How did that secret help you achieve your goals?

Having the ability to gain clarity on what I wanted to create, who I wanted to work with and a system to walk them through allowed me to teach my clients to do the same regardless of what type of business they have. 

What advice would you like to share with the Shelley Essery Community?  

Your dream is only a thought unless you decide what you want to do, write it out and create a plan to reach your target.  This applies regardless of where you are in your business.  The most successful people get stuck when they out of alignment with their vision.

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