Brenda Pearce – The Secret to My Success

Brenda Pearce empowers through “Media That Matters”. She is a best-selling contributing author, TV show Producer/Host, Radio Show Host, & Wellness Expert.  She believes “All Health IS Cell Health”.  Recently retired from 38 years of active front-line nursing, she now focuses on making lives better through integrative approaches to wellness.  She believes PEMF therapy should be in every home and shares this knowledge through educating the masses. She is currently studying RTT and looks forward to starting her practice in this incredible transformational therapy. 

What is the secret to your success story?

Never Ever Give Up!  If the dream is big enough, then hold on and never ever let it go! 

How did that secret help you achieve your goals?

Working in nursing for as long as I have, held me back from making the dream come true sooner.  As a woman/nurturer I held onto the job longer than I should have.  I would go to work and get drained, be sleep deprived, and sucked out of my life force while giving and giving and giving.  Yet, on a days off here and there, I would step into creating the platform of media, which let me connect with some fabulous people like Allie Ochs of Swiss Bionics Solutions.  It was at one of the events that I co-hosted that I really got the message that I had never learned in my years of nursing.  I learned how the earths resonance is why we are healthy, and that there are many factors that are interfering with this healthy resonance.  How our 70 trillion or so cells are becoming dysfunctional despite the advances in technology. I knew that chronic disease was related to inflammation, but other than administering toxic medications to reduce it, I was at a loss to know how otherwise to combat that within our established medical system.  Allie shared about PEMF therapy and when I truly understood that it is not just another gadget, but truly a way of regaining and regenerating wellness at the cell level, that was a game changer.  I did not know then but do now how finding something that you can become so passionate about, and so necessary in today’s world was an answer to a heart-felt prayer.  It opened the door to options and opportunity to truly help others without pills, pricks, procedures and prescriptions, and it helped me to create a profitable direct sales business.  It does not require monthly auto ships but does create passive income with each sale within my organization.  It has really taken off, and it is gratifying to see that my dream of security especially outside of a job is coming true. I never thought that business success would happen to me.  It was something I dreamed of but never thought it would happen, but it has. I had a dream, and it is coming true.  I held on to the dream.  Now I have retired early from a nursing career.  I hung up my scrubs!   

What advice would you like to share with the Shelley Essery Community?  

If you have a dream, and you are ready to step into it. Do it!  No excuses.  What I started on the side of my job has helped me to take charge of my life.  It may take longer if you do it that way, and it is okay if you do, but know that if the dream is strong enough it will carry you through. There will be bumps along the way.  Don’t let them deter you.  The bumps will flatten, and the way will get smoother.  Every bump is a lesson.  Be humble enough to learn.  Be thankful, and grateful and don’t forget to pray and ask for Divine help and guidance.  Ask for the right people to come into your life for whatever you need.  Some will teach, some will help, and some will lead.  Be a student but never be afraid to roll up your sleeves and do the work.  Look for ways to get your word out to the world.  And…  Never ever be afraid to let your light shine! 

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