Life Revived – The Business of Living  

Excerpt –  This last blow stopped us both dead in our tracks. It left us feeling lost and overwhelmed with the thought of having to start over in our early 40’s, especially when we were so close to “making it’. So close to realizing our dream of early retirement and so close to being able to live the life we had planned for and dreamt about for years. Without warning, it was all gone. The plans and sacrifices we made, all for naught. Our dream had evaporated and all we could do was stand by and wait for all the pieces to fall. It happened so abruptly that we had no time to create and test a new plan to take its place. A new plan that would have provided us with some much-needed direction on where to go from here. 

    So much of who we are is wrapped up in our daily job. We define ourselves by our skills, the reputation of the company we work for and the class of people we work with. So much so, that when you suddenly lose your job, you also lose a huge part of your identity. You lose a piece of yourself in all the unanswered questions and you start to wonder what you could have done differently to avoid being in the situation you now find yourself in. Job loss, no matter the reason, feels like rejection. Rejection causes you to question your thought process and your go to belief system and when you catch yourself asking “What’s the point?” you know you’re in for a long, painful journey of self-reflection and discovery.