3 Words to Eliminate

The words we use have a powerful effect on the results (whether positive or negative) that we see in our life.
I talk a lot about mindset because it’s such a dominant factor in success. Having a positive mindset makes all the difference, but what happens when we unintentionally sabotage that mindset?
If I told you that by eliminating or limiting certain words, you could increase the attention you are giving to your desires and subsequently the speed at which you receive them, would you want to know what those words are? Of course you would, after all it sounds like an easy way to more quickly achieve your goals.
Well, it is easy! But it is also a trained behaviour and one of the challenges with the following 3 words is that most people use them hundreds of times a day without thought. So, from this moment forward and for the rest of your life, this is your homework.
You are going to work on reducing the use of the words Don’t, Not and No. Why? Because every time you use one of those words, you just gave attention to that which you did not want.
For example, “I don’t want to be late.” What did you just give attention to? Being late! If instead you said, “I want to be on time”, you have now given your attention to what you do want – being on time.
Google is a great example of how this works. If you type “no football” into Google, what do you get? You get results that include football. Google strips away the words Don’t, Not and No and brings you results based on what’s left. In this case, football. So, when you catch yourself saying a sentence containing the words Don’t, Not and No, stop yourself and think about what it is that you actually want! If you were asking Google to search for it, what would you type in the search engine?
It is common practice to ask for what we want by stating what we don’t want. We then hope the Law of Attraction will read between the lines and when it doesn’t, we wonder why we’re getting the very thing which we said we did not want. I’m here to tell you that the Law of Attraction is not that smart, it can’t read between the lines!
How many times in your life have you wished that someone would be straight with you and clearly state what they want so you don’t have to try to figure it out? Doesn’t it make sense and seem a lot simpler to just state what it is you actually want? So, go ahead and say it- What Do You Really Want?

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