Meet Shelley

Welcome to my world, where family, love, and cherished memories set the stage for success! I’m excited to share a glimpse into my journey as a co-founder of two family-owned businesses and one powerful female-driven partnership.

Revived Interiors, our family’s pride and joy is where it all began. As a fully family-owned and operated venture, we specialize in professional cabinet and furniture painting, offering your kitchen, bathroom, or favorite furniture pieces a budget-friendly makeover. And because making your life easier is our mission, we’ve expanded into Household Chores & Odd Jobs – your ultimate go-to for tackling tasks around the house!

Combine that with a personalized touch using For Love Engraving’s laser services, and your living space becomes a canvas that beautifully tells your family’s unique story.

Speaking of For Love Engraving, it’s our cherished family-owned and operated subsidiary. What started as a passion for crafting living spaces and personalized engraving has blossomed into a haven for memory care and cherished keepsakes. This is where our hearts truly sing. We deeply understand the power of memories, especially during challenging times. Our Memorial Laser Engraving Services are here to honor and celebrate those special bonds with heartfelt tributes.

This expansion has allowed me to leverage my background as a legal administrator to assist families with Estate Organization & Planning and Executor Support. In collaboration with another family-driven female entrepreneur, we created The Empowered Estate. A comprehensive planner with informative workshops dedicated to guiding families through the intricate steps of securing peace of mind for both them and their loved ones. We’re here to guide and offer trustworthy referrals through life’s pivotal transitions.

Beyond the realm of business, I fulfilled a lifelong dream in 2021 by publishing “life revived – The Business of Living Life.” It’s not just a book; it’s a treasure trove of lessons, practical advice, and anecdotes from our own journey. Intended to inspire dream-chasers and budding entrepreneurs alike, this book is a testament to the power of determination and love.

And now, the secret sauce to our success? It’s the Law of Attraction! As a certified facilitator, I revel in sharing the magic of this incredible tool in both business and life, whether through special requests or the occasional workshops.

I invite you to join our family and experience a journey that’s all For Love! 

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Life Revived - The Business of Living Life

Learn the full story of how I overcame the emotional trauma of job loss and financial insecurity to successfully launch my own business, reinvent myself and discover the real meaning of personal joy!